Behind the scenes

This is how your jewelry is made.


Life needs
meaning and value
, so does jewelry.
Ethical jewelry
handmade for you.

Life is too short for compromises. Be confident to wear what you love with your head up high. Create your own values. We do. Handmade under ethical conditions, goldsmith-level quality and sustainable, natural materials – this should be the benchmark for the jewelry industry. But it isn’t.

We want to make a change by producing jewelry conscientiously at an affordable price for you. Each of our jewelry pieces is unique and carefully handcrafted by people we care about, using resources responsibly. Our jewelry is beauty that is designed for a purpose: to en-courage you to accept your uniqueness and embrace yourself wearing pieces that shine with you.


We work with
we care about, to create things
you care about.

We call our jewelry handmade for a reason: all of our designs, models, limited collections and one-offs are handcrafted by goldsmiths in our atelier in the heart of Cologne. Our experienced team in Bali supports us with the production of our regular collections.

Before our jewelry arrives at your door, it passes through at least ten hands that spend more than 120 minutes sawing, grinding and polishing it in our workshops. Time, manufacturing method and dedication are visible in the uniqueness of each piece. Your new jewelry is one of a kind, a piece with its own story.


Sawing, grinding, polishing –
handmade jewelry
with a story.

Affordable jewelry often comes at a high cost for the people who make it. Every step in the jewelry making process matters. It starts with the materials, followed by the people who create the jewelry, and ends with the packaging that arrives at your door.

For us, ethical production is more than just fair pay. It’s about commitment. Therefore, it took us a long time to find a manufacturer that matched our own values. We visit our manufactory in Bali on a regular basis. Not only to assure good working conditions, but to work side by side with a team that has grown to become a part of our family. We value this personal relationship because it is the foundation of our jewelry.


Our world is
Time to take

We don’t live in a world where everything is produced responsibly to protect limited resources. But it’s time we do.

Sustainable products are a combination of fair production conditions and the materials we use. We reuse any leftovers that are generated during the production process for future pieces. The wax we use in our creation process is melted down for reuse until there is nothing left, as well as the recycled silver we use for our jewelry.

Furthermore, we try to rethink and optimize our own process constantly. For our jewelry we often use natural stones, which vary in color and shape due to characteristic inclusions. We love their individuality, but also offer lab-made stones since they do not have to be mined and produce less CO2 emission.

We spent a lot of time finding the best solution to avoid plastic and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Since we changed the format of our packaging, we now have a greatly reduced and minimalistic design which avoids unnecessary waste.

Our jewelry is delivered exclusively in paper packaging. The shipping box is made from grass paper, which produces less CO2 emissions and also greatly saves water compared to virgin wood pulp. To ensure a safe transport for your new jewelry, we developed inlays made from FSC certified paper specially designed for our packaging. Additionally, we replaced the prior fossil-based foam in our jewelry boxes with paper inlays. Even the smallest components - our new stickers - are made with water- soluble glue.

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