Care Instructions

Care instructions

Luisateresa jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and 24 carat hard gold plated 925 sterling silver.

Please always remove your luisateresa jewelry before bathing, showering, washing the dishes, etc, especially when you’re wearing a gold plated item. All those chemicals can damage the surface of your jewels.

Please always use parfume, body lotion, hair spray etc. first before wearing your jewelry.

Always remove your jewelry before going to the gym. Sweat is something natural, but it can damage your jewels. Especially during summer you should take care of your jewelry. High temperatures and sun exposure, chlorine, salt water and sand can damage your items.

Never store your jewelry in the bath room since humidity is not good for your jewelry. Better store it in a dry place.

If you want to clean your jewels, please use a special silver polishing cloth to make your jewels bright and shiny again. 

In general you can say that silver needs less care than gold plated jewelry. Even if our jewels are 24 carat hard gold plated, you should be careful an gentle with your jewelry. If you want us to polish and gold-plate your jewelry again please write us an e-mail and we will make you an offer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via shop@luisateresa.com