PRE-ORDER Secret Necklace Bath Bomb GOLD


Secret Necklace Bath Bomb with an 18 carat hard gold plated 925 Sterling Silver Necklace. 

Pre Order: starts on the 20th of November - limited stock only.
All Bath Bombs ordered until the 23rd of November will be shipped on the 28th of November.
All Bath Bomb orders placed until the 11th of December will be shipped until the 19th of December.

The Bath Bombs will be shipped in the last week of November/at the beginning of December.

Shipping only in the European Union.

The chain lengths of the necklaces range from 38cm to 60cm.
We do not have control over which necklace design you will get. That's the surprise and the fun. The actual prices of the necklaces range from 99€ to 169€.

Material: High quality 18ct gold vermeil plated over 925 Sterling Silver. The silver piece is covered by a thick layer of 18 carat pure gold.

SURPRISE: Some of our Bath Bombs contain 2 pieces of jewelry.  

Due to hygienic reasons Bath Bombs and the Secret Bath Bomb Necklaces cannot be returned. 

Our Secret Necklace Bath Bombs are handmade and therefore one of a kind. Because of that they might differ from the pictures. Every single necklace of this limited edition is nickel-free and hypo-allergenic. 

Please always read our care instructions carefully.

Warning: Please remember that our Bath Bombs are handmade and that they contain a small plastic container in the middle, so it might happen that they crack a bit during transportation. Also due to the fact that the Bath Bomb will be exposed to different temperatures during transportation, the surface of the Bath Bomb can suffer a bit - since we're not using any chemicals. Due to the fact that we only use natural ingredients the Bath Bombs might change their color a bit.

Do not open the plastic container while bathing. Please clean the plastic container with clear water first.

Bath Bomb Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Grapeseed Oil, Baked Apple Fragrance Oil, water based food coloring, food starch, Witch Hazel, cloves.


For our jewelry we only use recycled sterling silver. The base of our gold pieces is the same silver which is then covered by a thick layer of 18ct pure gold. Both materials are hypo-allergenic.

Care Instructions

Please always read our care instructions carefully.


Shipped within 2-3 business days with DHL.

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