Limited Ceres Ring with Opal Gold


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Limited Ceres Ring Gold with an Opal.

High quality 18ct gold vermeil plated over 925 Sterling Silver. The silver piece is covered by a thick layer of 18 carat pure gold.

luisateresa ring sizes are US-sizes. 

Please select your ring size. Not sure about your size: check out this link.

Please always read our care instructions carefully. Please be aware that OPAL JEWELRY NEEDS SPECIAL CARE:

Ethiopian Opals are hydrophane:
Sounds more difficult than it is. It just means that they are thirsty for water. If they come in contact with water they will absorb it like a sponge. Then they lose their fire and characteristic shimmer and/or turn orange/brown or yellow. Some Opals get completely clear and transparent. No need to worry! The fire and the color will come back once the stone is fully dried again. This can take minutes to weeks, depending on your stone and how much water it absorbed. When drying it, put your stone in direct sunlight.

High temperatures:
High temperatures or temperature fluctuations should be avoided, otherwise your stone might crack.

Care for your Opal:
Please avoid the contact with any chemicals and liquids like creams, perfumes, etc. It’s important to carefully pay attention to our care instructions. Opal jewelry can’t be cleaned as easily as other pieces of jewelry you know from us. Never put your Opal jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner (too much water and too high temperatures) and also never clean your opal jewelry with any chemicals we would recommend for other pieces from us.

Every piece is carefully handcrafted, unique, nickel-free and allergy-friendly. Every single stone is one of a kind. This is why the size and the color can vary from stone to stone. Since our jewelry is handmade, slight variations should be expected and make every single piece unique. 

English: Measure your ring size

Please note that ring sizes can vary from metalsmith to metalsmith. This explanation here should help you to find your perfect ring size for your new luisateresa ring.

luisateresa is using US ring sizes. In our shop we only offer rings up to size US 8.

Please download the following link to find your perfect size. Please check your print size accuracy by making sure that the scale on your print measures exactly 50mm. You have to select "actual size" or "original size" - depending on your computer.

You can either use a ruler to measure the inner diameter of a ring, that fits well on your fingers, or you can just place it on the paper and check its size this way. You can find a more detailed explanation of this down below.

Download this document.

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