Birthstone Necklace (SILVER: PENDANT ONLY! - without chain)


Birthstone Necklace

Chain length: 45cm
ATTENTION: the Silver pieces are 10€ off and come WITHOUT chains

Every piece is carefully handcrafted, unique, nickel-free and allergy-friendly.  A slightly irregular, organic texture is an expression of our handicraft.

About Birthstones

January: Red Garnet/

passion - willpower - protection

Red Garnet is a powerfully passionate and regenerating stone. It makes you energetic and confident and is your protective talisman on a journey. The red shimmering stone looks like the beautiful pomegranate tree's blossoms. 

February: Amethyst

cleansing - ease - fantasy

Amethyst is an extravagant stone which draws attention to the wearer. It has cleansing powers and works as a natural tranquilizer. Besides that it protects you from anything evil and benefits your sleep while inspiring your fantasy and promoting emotional centering. 

March: Aquamarine

resilience - confidence - intuition

Aquamarine is a stone of courage and confidence. It sharpens the intellect and intuition. Additionally it supports anyone who is overwhelmed in challenging situations and helps you bring unfinished business to a conclusion. With its ability to calm the mind it gives you peace. 

April: White Topaz

serenity - trust - openness

Joyful Topaz empowers your trust in the universe that enables you to “do” without doubt and uncertainty. It releases tension, promotes openness and helps you discover your own inner riches - an excellent emotional support. 

May: Emerald

joy - equilibrium - warmth

Emerald enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It promotes physical, emotional and mental equilibrium and shines with warmth. The wearer strives for justice and improves her social skills with this shimmering green helper. 

June: Rainbow Moonstone

balance - femininity - emotions

Just like the moon shimmering on the night sky, Rainbow Moonstone shimmers in many different colours depending on how the light is thrown on it. It provides the wearer with a youthful appearance and improves her empathy. Moonstones calm the emotions, help you balance your conscious and unconscious mind and empower femininity.

July: Ruby (glass filled)

freedom - commitment - vitality

Ruby represents love, commitment and determination. It is energetic and gives its wearer a strong appearance. This sensually red shimmering stone encourages “following your bliss” and brings about a positive and courageous state of mind. Additionally, Ruby is dynamic, fires enthusiasm and gives you a feeling of great freedom. 

August: Peridot

optimism - cleansing - fresh start

Peridot is like a walk in early springtime where first rays of sunlight are tickling your face. It provides it`s owner with optimism and inner peace. With it´s help you can admit mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. It purifies your mind and heart, releases negative patterns and assists you to move forward or with a fresh start. 

September: Kyanite

tranquility - progress - ease

Kyanite represents progress and strength and brings you tranquility. It drives away confusion and therefore provides a capacity for linear and logical thought. This wonderfully blue shimmering stone is your guide and helps you to overcome challenging situations in life with no trouble. 

October: Opal

self-belief - calmness - optimism

This stone is fascinating to look at because it combines so many different colours. This beautiful play of colors has a calming effect on everyone who is looking at it. Opal can help you to open up and see things differently by not losing your self-belief. It can boost your optimism and make you fall in love with life. 

November: Citrine

safety - energy - light

Citrine shines in a warm honey gold colour, which automatically represents safety and warmth. It provides you with motivation, has an energizing effect and pushes your self-confidence which makes you more stress-resistant. It is not for nothing that this stone is also called “stone of the sun”, “stone of life” or “stone of the light”, because it strengthens your inner light and supports the sun in a rather dark month like November. 

December: Swiss Blue Topaz

clarity - self-fulfilment - content

Swiss Blue Topaz represents clarity which matches it´s light blue brightness. It supports your inspiration and creativity and also takes any tension away. This stone helps you find your perfect pathways to successful opportunities so that you can pursue your self-fulfilment which further improves your content and happiness.


For our jewelry we only use recycled sterling silver. The base of our gold pieces is the same silver which is then covered by a thick layer of 18ct pure gold. Both materials are hypo-allergenic.

Care Instructions

Please always read our care instructions carefully.


Shipped within 2-3 business days with DHL.

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