Who makes your jewelry?

luisateresa is a jewelry line founded by Luisa Teresa Bol.
Inspired by her  travels Luisa had the idea to create something special and unique. When she was little she had a fascination with collecting rocks and plants near her house or in the forest. In early 2015 she stumbled upon the art of jewelry making and above all she was attracted by techniques like macramé, wire wrapping and electroforming. 
In late 2017 we released our first metal smithed collection.
By now the jewelry we produce is made out of silver.

Since then, we became a small team, supporting and encouraging each other to create special and unique handmade jewelry for you.

In the summer of 2018 we travelled to Nepal to meet our fair trade partner in Kathmandu. This small family business supports our jewelry production from now on. For us this is a very special relationship, because we are able to create new jobs for the workers in Nepal so they can support their families and are also able to create unique handmade pieces just for you.


luisateresa jewelry is: 

100% handmade
using traditional silversmithing techniques

100% fair trade
luisateresa jewelry is made in Germany as well as in Nepal by a small family business, respecting all rules of Fair Trade.

100% sustainable
we avoid plastic packaging to save our planet, we recycle packaging material as much as we can